BMW Begins Production on Electric BMW iX3

There’s now more information regarding the new BMW iX3! The iX3 new crossover will begin production within the next year. It will be the electric version of the current BMW X3 compact crossover SUV. We’re going to love the addition of electric models to the BMW lineup. With the expectation, that these models have the same athletic nature.

BMW Changes the Game

The BMW team is advancing its game and making plans for an electric X3. One way they are doing this is with the new BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture. The Brilliance program allows the new BMW iX3 to be built in the Shenyang, China plant rather than at the current X3 location in Spartanburg, SC. This new model will be right for the road and advance the way that BMW builds electric SUV crossovers.

What Will the iX3 Offer?

When the new BMW iX3 arrives on the market, it will have a 74 kW battery pack in its floor to power the electric motor. The expected output for this SUV is a healthy 286 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque. While the engine is 30 percent lighter than the previous designs with similar ratings. The BMW team also claims the power consumption is improved to give you a total of 273 miles of electric driving range. This makes the iX3 an extremely useful SUV to drive.

A Scalable System

If there is a need to scale the eDrive system of the BMW iX3 up or down the lineup, it will be able to be done. This version is the fifth-generation of electric driving. This generation will allow the BMW team to adapt to multiple layouts and different vehicles. Making sure you can have the iX3 with the customizable powertrain.

More of what You Want

The BMW iX3 is set up in RWD to make sure you can have the power you’re looking for being delivered by the rear wheels. This fact allows the iX3 to have the driving dynamics we want to enjoy in a luxury SUV. We will see a four-pronged approach with several other models offered in the lineup. This all-electric model will join the different models and the upcoming plug-in hybrid X3 xDrive30e to give you the drive and the quality you want from the BMW team.

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