The Audi A3 Brings You Amazing Luxury Design

Where are you going to spend most of the time when you drive the Audi A3? The cabin is where you’ll be and it is an amazing place for you.

You’ll spend a lot of time in the cabin of this car and enjoy the high-quality cabin which impressive materials along with an immaculate fit and finish to the car.  You’ll be pleased with the design, sportiness, and the electronics offered in the A3.

This is a compact sedan that will put you where you want to go when its time for a drive that makes you smile every day. Get in and let the Audi A3 become the car that can be perfect for you.

Some of the Amazing Electronics of the Audi A3

Take a look at the different items that you can enjoy in the Audi A3 and you’ll have the choice of some impressive electronics. You can have a Bang & Olufsen sound system which will give you 14 speakers and 705 watts of power for the perfect sounds that you want to enjoy.

You can also have the Audi Virtual Cockpit in this small sedan. This system gives you a large screen with the information you want to see and enjoy when you take a drive.

A Look You Can Admire from Audi

When you see the style of the Audi A3, you’ll know you’re gazing upon a luxury car that has the sense to be elegant and conservative at the same time. This is a look that will continue to be perfect for you when you drive this car for the next several years.

You’ll also enjoy the new Black Optic appearance package which gives you the look and style that makes sense for you. Enjoy the quality of this car and the impressive luxury offered that will make driving a pleasure and give you a car that looks great at the same time.

Power Options for the Audi A3

Every version of the Audi A3 receives power from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This powertrain is tuned in three different ways. The A3 FWD models make 184 horsepower, 222 lb.-ft. of torque and give you 27 city/36 hwy mpg.

The A3 AWD models have 228 horsepower, 258 lb.-ft. of torque, and 22 city/30 hwy mpg. The S3 versions allow you to enjoy 288 horsepower, 280 lb.-ft. of torque, and 22 city/29 hwy mpg to give you the most powerful version of this small and impressive car.

Drive the Right Audi Today

If you’re going to drive a compact car, you might as well make it a luxury car. The 2020 Audi A3is an affordable small luxury car that can give you the build, features, and qualities that make a huge difference to you.

Get behind the wheel and see what this amazing car can bring you so that you can have the feeling you want and the drive that makes you smile. You’ll love the comfort and the drive when you get inside the car and take it for a drive.

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