Save on Car Insurance with These Car Safety Features

You spend a lot on your car insurance premium and you want to make sure you’re paying as little as possible, here are some tips for you.

In addition to being a good driver, avoiding accidents, and taking advantage of discounts offered, your vehicle can help reduce the price. If you have certain safety features in your vehicle, you may qualify for some discounts for the price that you’ll pay for the car insurance on your vehicle.

Airbags Save on Car Insurance

You might have a hard time finding a vehicle that doesn’t have airbags in it, but it’s still possible. The more airbags you have, the better chance of you staying safe in an accident. The airbags protect the most delicate items in the vehicle; you and your passengers. When an impact occurs, these airbags deploy and give you a cushion of air to protect you from injuries that might occur.

When your car has airbags, the car insurance companies will not have to pay as much for the personal injury portion of your insurance claim. This means your car with airbags is more likely to keep you safe than one that doesn’t have them, resulting in a lower insurance rate for you.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Another item that’s more common than not on vehicles today is the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) of your vehicle. These brakes keep you from locking up the steering and braking when you have to slam on the brakes to avoid a crash. This means you can still maneuver the vehicle while trying to bring it to a stop.

In some states, the law requires car insurance provides to give discounts to policyholders who own vehicles with ABS. This means you can save money on the collision coverage, medical payments, PIP insurance, and liability coverage, which is a big deal for you.

Electronic Stability Control to Lower Car Insurance Costs

The Electronic Stability Control system of your vehicle helps you continue to have traction when you’re driving on icy or wet roads. If the traction of your car diminishes, the ESC system will slow your vehicle until better traction is obtained so that you can stay in control during your drive.

Similar to the ABS, the ESC system is an item that can result in a discount across all aspects of your insurance coverage to make sure you can pay less when its time for you to drive. An ESC system isn’t found on every vehicle, but you should look for it on the one you drive every day.

Seat Belts

You might not think that seat belts would garner a discount in the market we live in today, but they do. While you won’t find any vehicles made in the past forty years that don’t have seat belts, it’s important to know that you can receive a discount for having them.

If you have an older vehicle that doesn’t have seat belts, it might be worth the discount to have them installed. Some insurance carriers are offering as much as a 15 percent discount.

Daytime Running Lights

Its been proven that we need to see better, even during the day. Lights that stay on all the time while driving allows this to take place. These lights are called daytime running lights and they make it easier for others to see you.

Because other drivers can see you, they can avoid a collision with you much easier than if they couldn’t You might receive as much as a 5 percent discount for the coverage for your vehicle when you buy a model that has a set of daytime running lights as part of the package.

Crash Resistant Doors Save on Car Insurance

One of the worst accidents can happen when another driver runs into the door of your vehicle. You’re on the other side of that door and will take a lot of the force of the crash. A crash-resistant door features technology and materials that can help you survive the crash more easily.

The crash-resistant door has a safe crumple zone to make sure you remain protected when the door is hit. You could receive a 5 percent discount for your insurance rate when you have these doors. Ask about crash-resistant doors when you purchase your new vehicle.

Anti-Theft Devices

How easy is it for your car to be stolen? This is something insurance companies consider when you ask them for coverage. They also consider whether or not your vehicle is a common target for thieves. These two factors are part of the calculation of your insurance costs.

If you have anti-theft devices on your vehicle, you could have a discount of as much as 30 percent of the coverage for your vehicle. Either make sure your car comes with them or ask them to be installed. An ignition kill switch could keep your vehicle from being stolen.

Lane Departure Systems

Insurance companies know that we get a bit distracted when we drive. Because of this, modern vehicles that have lane departure warning systems are eligible for discounted rates. These systems help to warn us to stay in our lane when driving.

Going a step farther, if the lane departure system of your vehicle is one that will help you keep your vehicle in the lane automatically, you may receive a further reduction for your insurance rates. When you buy a newer vehicle, it’s worth a little more to make sure you have these items installed.

Get the Best Discounts on Insurance Today

Being a safe driver and avoiding accidents means you’re not likely to file an insurance claim often. You should be rewarded for this and can be. Your vehicle can reward you as well when you ensure that you have the proper safety devices installed on your vehicle.

Check to see what discounts your insurance company offers. You might not be taking advantage of all the reductions they can give you. When you buy a new vehicle to drive, make sure you have the safety items that help give you lower insurance rates so that you can drive right and spend less.

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