Which Ford is Right for You?

Even though Ford was the first brand to turn its back on the sedan class, there’s still a large number of impressive models you can drive that wear the Ford name on the front.
This brand has led the way in the automotive industry since its early days and it continues to do so. You know that when you choose a Ford model, you’ll have a vehicle that brings you the quality, build, and dependability you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel. Let’s take a look at the different choices you’ll have at your local Ford dealer.

Start with the Cars

We know the Ford cars aren’t long for this world, which means you should be able to find some amazing deals offered at your nearby Ford dealer to give you the package you’re looking for. Take a look at the Ford Fiesta and have the small car that has the active personality you admire. Choose the Ford Fusion which brings you the midsize quality and drive you want to enjoy when you’re looking for a great ride. At the full-size sedan level, the Ford Taurus continues to be a model that has the roominess and comfort that your family wants to experience on the road.

The Sports Car from Ford

The single car that will survive into the future and offer you the Ford name and active drive you’ll continue to love is the Ford Mustang. We see this model with more power, more options, and different packages that can make your drive more exciting. Ask the team at your local Ford dealer to help you figure out how the Mustang can be the right car for you and which package you should choose so that you can have the most fun when you get in and take this car for a drive.

Find More in the Ford SUVs

The SUV class has grown to become the most popular segment of vehicles on the market today. This class is where you’ll find six different Ford models to give you the upright seating, impressive cargo room, and the driving qualities you want to enjoy on the roads today. The Ford EcoSport is the small and active model you’ll see at your Ford dealer to give you a subcompact crossover that drives like a car. From here you see the familiar Ford Escape and then the comfortable Ford Edge as the next Ford SUVs offered.

Applying the Large Size in Different Ways

Moving up the Ford SUV lineup at your Ford dealer, you’ll find the Ford Explorer. This is a familiar name that bridges the gap that is the midsize SUV with the capability and spacious comfort you desire. If you want the largest Ford SUV, you’ll look to the Ford Expedition and Expedition MAX which have more cabin are and power than any other model in the lineup. The Ford Flex is an urban SUV that has three rows of seats and a unique application of the drive you want to enjoy.

The Ford Trucks You’ll Love

The cornerstone of the Ford brand has become the truck lineup. For more than forty years, the Ford F-150 has been the most popular truck on the market and it can be the right choice for you to have the full-size power and performance you’re looking for. There are several different versions of the F-150 offered which means you’re going to need the assistance of your nearby Ford dealer to figure out which version should go home with you today. Let this team help you pick out the right truck.

You Might Need a Different Ford Truck

If the Ford F-150 isn’t the right truck size for you, don’t despair. Your local Ford dealer has trucks that are smaller and some that are larger than the F-150. If you want a midsize truck, the Ford Ranger is offered to give you the power and efficiency you want when you drive every day. If you have big jobs to get done, look to the F-250 or F-350 Super Duty models to be the right choice for you. Ford has the capability and impressive lineup to make driving better for you.

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