Wildest Paint Jobs on the Road for a Visual Carefree World

 These wild paint jobs are the result of imagination, boldness, and a lack of caring what the rest of the world thinks.

You’ve seen cars that are colored in a way that only the owner can truly appreciate. When you see the wildest paint jobs out on the road, you know the owner of that car wanted some attention to be brought to their ride. Let’s give a little love to some of the most over-the-top paint jobs right now.

The Watermelon

The Watermelon

You might have seen this car in some of the posts and photos online. The car was a basic sedan at birth, but it has been painted in watermelon red with green rind and seeds to give it the full look of a watermelon driving down the road. This car is said to belong to someone working at Trader Joe’s in Sunnyvale, CA and it’s a sight to see.

Bright Mustang

A Bright Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been the subject of many different colors and paint schemes over the years. This particular Mustang offers a bright blue base color that has been adorned with pinks and yellows to give the car a bright style. Lots of heart shapes are found on the body sides and bumpers to make sure this car would never be mistaken for one that’s just a simple and plain model.

Aggressively Bright Aston Martin

Aggressively Bright Aston Martin

There is an Aston Martin DBS that’s painted in silvery-blue and metallic-pink to give it a camouflage pattern all over the body. You might think this is sacrilegious to do this to an Aston Martin, but the owner seems to love it. Imagine this gorgeous car driving down the road showing off the power of the V12 engine while blowing by you with the bright colors on the body.

The Millennium Chevy

The Millennium Chevy

There is a 1974 Chevy Chevelle Malibu classic that’s painted to look like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars as it travels through light speed. The front of the Falcon is evident in the white paint that offers the shape of the fabled ship while the rest of the car is painted in black to match the look of outer space. This car is really cool and a must-see for any Star Wars fans.

A Wild Cat

When the brand name is Jaguar, why not turn the car into a Jaguar driving down the road. The owner of a Jaguar XKE transformed their car with a wild cat paint job to make it look like the jungle cat riding down the road. While the XKE is one of the most important Jaguar models ever made, the owner of this one chose to be unique with a wild paint job.

What’s Wild To You?

Look around at some of the odd and different cars that you see on the roads in your area. You might find some of the wildest paint jobs you can think of with different models that make their way on the roads with you. Enjoy these five and admire the boldness it takes to drive a car that garners so much attention.

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