Are Drive-In Movie Theaters Making a Comeback?

The coronavirus might be partially to credit with the return of drive-in movie theaters which make it possible to enjoy a night out together.

When the economy was shut down and we were told to stay home, the thought of being able to enjoy dinner and a movie seemed something hard to imagine. Thankfully, many drive-in theaters made it easier to enjoy the time out of the house.

Easy and Innovative Solutions to Our Challenges

You have to admire the human spirit and the fact that we are always going to find a way to do something we want to. Faced with the challenge of most theaters being closed down and not reopening, even when some states moved through the various stages of COVID-19 safety, drive-in movie theaters began to pop up all over the country. This was an easy way for movie lovers to enjoy the cinema.

Some Drive-In Movie Theaters are Temporary

Rather than spending millions of dollars or offering the most modern qualities in some of the drive-in movie theaters, owners worked to get things open as quickly as possible. Some of the theaters are make-shift versions that are advertised one or two nights a week in a parking lot where old movies are shown to customers who want to get out of the house.

Event Companies Found a Way

Some companies are built to host events including concerts and shows where large screens are put in place to give those in the back of a crowd a view of what’s going on at the stage. Using these screens made perfect sense to create some small drive-in movie theaters and recoup some of the lost income that event companies were experiencing over the past several months.

What can You See at the Drive-In Movie Theaters?

While most of the pop-up drive-in movie theaters are showing whatever the owner has in their own collection of DVDs or what they happen to stream on their devices, some are being operated in conjunction with movie theaters that are currently closed. This means the most recent movies are being shown again and often are shown at a great price.

Getting Tickets Online and Staying Safe

To offer drive-in movie theaters as a viable option and a way to avoid the coronavirus spread, most of these theaters are offering online ticket purchases, radio station broadcasts for the sound that matches the movie, and easy check-in processes to ensure minimal contact. This is a great way to take the family out for a theater experience and enjoy the nostalgia associated with the drive-in theater that was once a booming business in our country.

“Where there’s a will; there’s a way.” This is no truer now than ever in the past. If we want to get something done, especially when it comes to entertainment, we figure it out. There are more drive-in theaters around the country than there were before March of this year. These theaters are popping up everywhere, giving families an easy way to enjoy dinner and a movie together.

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