Acura ILX and Audi A3 – A Pair of Small Luxury Sedans Compared

The luxury quality and privilege of driving excellence come to you in the compact sedans of either the Acura ILX or the Audi A3.

When you’re looking for the luxury quality and comfort that you want to experience on the road, you can turn to several different automakers. These two sedans offer their own variety of excellence and can be the perfect choice for your drive when you take them on the road. Let’s compare the two.


The powertrain of any vehicle is where you want to start when you’re looking at the performance and the comparison that can be made. The Audi A3 shows up with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and a seven-speed automatic transmission for the drive to give you 186 horsepower. While this sounds pretty good, the Acura ILX, which is newly redesigned, offers you more. The ILX does bring you 201 horsepower from a 2.4-liter engine along with an eight-speed automatic transmission to give you the drive you’re looking for. If horsepower is an important part of your consideration, you’ll want to lean toward the ILX for your drive.


When you look at how the Audi A3 is built, you’re going to see that it brings you plenty to admire and enjoy when you take a ride. The exterior of the A3 is made to give you a smooth appearance that’s subtly elegant and right on the road. Inside, you’ll experience the qualities that have made the A3 one of the most enjoyable and desirable models on the road. This is a car that takes the Audi interior styling seriously and fits it into the small package that you’re sure to love.

The Acura ILX has been redesigned and upgraded to let you see more of the sharp lines than on previous models. This car captures your attention and never let’s go of it at all. Up front, you’ll see jewel eye LED headlights and a bold diamond pentagon grille. This car does have a set of sport seats that can be upgraded to the A-Spec model and bring you some of the most inspiring sporty seats you’ll find anywhere. When it comes to the style in both of these cars, they couldn’t be much different, but both have mastered the art of either sport or luxury for your ride.

The Results

If you want to have a sports car feeling when you get on the road in the small luxury sedan that you drive, the new Acura ILX is certainly the right choice. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in the comfort that you can enjoy during your ride, the Audi A3 is the right car for you. Choose the model that makes the most sense for you when you head out on the road and take a ride and you’ll be amazed by what you’re driving. The right choice can be one of these two, but you should probably test drive both to see which one is going to go home with you today.

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