A Large Kia SUV is on the Way to Dealerships


Recently, Kia shows us the first images of a heavily refreshed full-size SUV that’s based on the Mohave Masterpiece Concept.

This new model has been donned “Mohave the Master” which will be a new model that could become part of our market in the future. The Mohave is the overseas sibling to the Borrego that was only on the market for a couple of years as a body on frame off-road SUV. This new Kia is ready to give you the right way to drive and plenty of room for you to experience a quality ride.

We Really Don’t Know Much

The Mohave Masterpiece Concept was featured at the Seoul Motor Show in March and now this new model carries most of the styling, but we don’t know much else at all. This new version from Kia is an SUV that allows you to have the boxy design you want and a raised profile with an upright body. The Master brings you the same head and taillight designs and a set of stacked LED headlights and fog lamps to give you the view you want when you drive. These items are also carried over from the concept version.

The Mohave is Made for the Trails

Take this SUV out for a ride on the trails and you’ll have the equipment needed to have some fun. The Kia Mohave is pictured with skid plates in the front and rear along with a 4WD logo on the tailgate that allows us to know that this SUV can be taken out on the trails to be enjoyed when you want to drive. This trail-riding SUV is one that could easily replace the Borrego in the markets where it’s sold and enjoyed on a regular basis.

its time for this Kia in the US

When the Kia Borrego was replaced by the Sorrento in the US, there was a serious automotive recession taking place. This meant smaller and more efficient models were needed for the drive we want to enjoy. The Borrego was able to live on in foreign markets while the US had this problem. Now that more full-size SUVs are being added to the market, it’s time for Kia to bring the Mohave to our shores to let us have the drive that we want to experience on the roads that we drive every day.

Sculpted Style in the Mohave

Of course, we already have the new Kia Telluride being offered on the market which is a seven-passenger SUV that still fits in the midsize part of the market. The Mohave will be larger than this and it will become the impressive SUV that you want to drive and experience when you get behind the wheel. This big SUV is beefier and more imposing than the new Telluride and these two SUVs will complete the lineup of models for the Kia brand. Enjoy the Telluride and look forward to the Mohave and what it will bring when it’s time for a great ride.

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