More Luxury Added to the Lexus LS for Your Pleasure

Among flagship luxury vehicles in the market, the Lexus LS has always been one of the top models that you can experience on the road.

This impressive car offers a cabin that’s pristine, perfect, and designed right. Now, we can add the simplicity offered of this vehicle which has added a massive screen to the center of the dashboard to make it easier for you to have the controls you need without the business of redundant buttons and switches.

No More Trackpad-Only Controls for this System

If you’ve considered the Lexus LS in the past but didn’t like the controls offered for the infotainment system, you’re about to smile. The 2021 version is offered with a 12.3-inch touchscreen and it still has the trackpad, but this item is mostly redundant, which means you can use the touchscreen for the controls and leave the trackpad along.

More Comfort Offered for the Lexus LS

The seating of this Lexus flagship sedan has been impressive, but it’s getting even better for 2021. This car is now offered with the option of Palomino leather upholstery and added cushioning in the seats and armrests to give you the coziness you’re looking for. The springs in the front seats are also improved to make sure you have a better experience when you sit in this car and take a drive.

The Ride is Better

Since we’re talking about improved comfort in the Lexus LS, you’ll be pleased with the improved ride offered for this car. The suspension has been reworked to make it more comfortable. You’ll find upgraded springs and dampers to allow you to drive along in this car and barely feel anything going on with the road. The LS now has a height-adjustable air suspension offered that can make it easy for you to adjust the height to what you want when you drive.

The power of the Lexus LS is the Same

Powertrains offered for this Lexus sedan have been carried forward to give you plenty of power coming out of the 3.5-liter V6 engine mated to a ten-speed automatic transmission. This transmission has been recalibrated to offer a more responsive area of power for you to enjoy during your drive. Hybrid models will have better acceleration to make driving more fun for you.

Small Changes to the Exterior of this Lexus

If you’re looking for upgrades to the outside of the Lexus LS, you’ll only find a few subtle upgrades. The front bumper area has been changed and the grill receives a dark finish to give you a slightly more dramatic appearance. The adaptive high-beam headlights that are used in the Lexus RX are now offered on the LS to give you the visibility you’re looking for.

The right controls and equipment that you want in the Lexus LS are part of what you’ll find in the 2021 model. The cabin is simplified, offered with better touchscreen controls, and a lot more comfortable. Step inside and take this car out for a test drive to see if it will be the luxury car you take home today.

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