The Best Luxury Convertibles for Summer Driving

How can you make this season the best summer you’ve ever had? Get yourself one of the many luxury convertibles offered and hit the open road.

If you’re like most other drivers on the road, you’ve dreamed of a warm day with the wind blowing through the cabin as you drive your favorite car with the top down. Let’s consider some of the best luxury models offered that you could drop the top on during your drive.

Porsche Boxster

A name that’s synonymous with excellent driving and fun on the road is the Porsche Boxster. This little car can be ideal for you to have the amazing drive you want when you’re out on the road. Among luxury convertibles, you’re sure to find the Boxster to be one of the most reasonably priced vehicles you can take out for some fun in the sun.

Lexus LC

When you want to drive a car that offers a singular look, the Lexus LC can be the car you take out for a great drive. Drop the top and let the wind come into the cabin during the warm summer days. Most people will stop and stare at this car and only those familiar with what the LC has to offer will recognize what this car brings for your drive.

Porsche 911

If you want the flagship car of sports car driving, the Porsche 911 is the right choice. There are several different models offered and many of them can be had with a convertible roof. Step inside and let this car become the one that gives you the most fun that you’ve ever had on the road. Enjoy the performance and fun that are built into the version of the 911 that you show off throughout the summer months.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Sophisticated elegance awaits you in one of the most attractive and alluring cars you’ll ever see. If you want to drive one of the best luxury convertibles, the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is the one for you. This car looks amazing, offers you the top-down feeling you want, and it gives you an excellent way to have the perfect drive every time the weather is right for some fun with the wind blowing through the cabin.

Audi TT

If you’re searching for a luxury name at an excellent price, the Audi TT is what you’re after. Find the model that gives you a convertible build and let this car become the fun car that you take out on the road. The TT is inexpensive enough for you to have the most fun on the road without spending a lot for a high-powered sports car, which makes it the best value on this list.

BMW 2 Series

Are you looking for a true athlete among the luxury convertibles that you can drive? If so, you’ll have the most fun tossing a car around in the corners when you get behind the wheel of the BMW 2 Series.  Take a look at the impressive array of features, the powertrains offered, and the open-air feeling when the top goes down and you head out with the wind and sun in your face.

Mercedes-Benz GT

One of the most dynamic luxury sports cars you can find in the market is the Mercedes-Benz GT. This amazing car can be had as a convertible and it will give you the power, speed, performance, and look that you desire. There’s no way to avoid the attention this car will bring when you take it out on the roads to be the car you love to drive.

Jaguar F-Type

When you’re looking for a car that tells the world to stop and stare, the Jaguar F-Type is the perfect machine for the job. This car is fun to drive, it has the handling you want, and it brings you engine performance that will make a lot of noise and announce your arrival. This can easily be the right one of the luxury convertibles for you to have singular style and a lot of fun on the road.


The latest version of the BMW Z4 is a serious performance vehicle. Developed in conjunction with the new Toyota Supra, the Z4 is ready to give you the dynamic driving experience you’re looking for. Admire the smooth convertible roadster build of this car and the amazing performance you enjoy when you’re out on the roads. If you want to take this car to the track, you can unleash it for a ton of fun from behind the wheel.

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