Fly the Flag in Comfort with the Toyota Avalon Limited

The largest sedan in the Toyota lineup is the Avalon and the Limited trim brings you the comfort that makes this car feel luxurious.

You’re already going to feel like you’re driving a comfort cruiser when you get inside the Avalon but adding the comfort items from this trim makes it even better for you. If you’re tired of smaller cars that don’t give you a reason to enjoy the drive, this is the one for you.

How is this Large Sedan Appealing to You?

There has to be something that makes a car appeal to you so that you want to drive it. The Avalon Limited brings you several items that you can list to your friends and family. This car is comfortable and roomy to make it easy for you to stretch out and enjoy the ride. You’ll find a strong list of standard safety features and the connectivity you want. The engine has plenty of power and you can add the benefits of AWD to the mix.

The Limited List of Great Features

Not to say the Toyota Avalon Limited is limited in any way. It’s just that there are only five items that are added to this vehicle to make it the trim you desire. With that in mind, we’ll paint the picture with features you find on lower trims as well, giving you a clear look at what you’ll find in this car.

The items that are standard for the Limited trim are:

• Perforated leather upholstery
• Heated/ventilated front seats
• JBL premium audio system
• Navigation system
• Genuine wood interior trim
Features for this car that come from the lower trims include:
• nine-inch touchscreen
• Apple CarPlay
• Android Auto
• Amazon Alexa
• Toyota Safety Sense P
• Blind-spot monitoring
• Moonroof

As you can see, this is a complete car and if you add AWD, you’ll have a bit more control when the foul weather strikes.

Let’s Talk More About All-Wheel Drive

The Toyota Avalon Limited is an interesting car when it comes to the AWD feature. If you want this item, you will have power coming from a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine instead of the V6 engine that comes standard. This means you’ll have nearly 100 less horsepower for your drive. This might not make a difference to you if you’re considering safety only, but if you want the power, you’ll have to skip the AWD option for this car.

Experience the Pure Comfort of the Right Seats

With a set of seats that give you perforated leather upholstery, everyone in your car can be comfortable during the drive. When you look inside this Avalon, you see the beauty and the style that makes this a car that can be great when you’re out on the road.

The Front Seats are the Best Place in the Avalon

The selection of the Toyota Avalon Limited is a commitment to comfort and excellence during your drive. You’ll be more than happy to have the heated and ventilated front seats that make your body cooler or warmer, depending upon what you want and how you feel that day. No one will want to be stuck in the rear seat when this feature is part of the mix.

Sounds You’re Sure to Admire

For many years, the JBL company has been highly respected for the amazing sound systems they create. The same is true of the system they offer in the Limited trim of this Toyota sedan. Step in and listen to the clear musical notes that make you smile during your drive. The cabin of this car can be the concert hall you’ve dreamed of being at.

Find Your Way with Ease

Where do you need to go? Shouldn’t you have a map or at least your smartphone to help you get there? You don’t need either when you have an excellent navigation system built into the infotainment system that will give you the directions and ways to get where you need to when you’re out on the road. Let this feature help you during your adventures.

Topping it All Off

The Toyota Avalon Limited is roomy, comfortable, quality-built, and filled with the features you want to enjoy. This car also has genuine wood trim which gives it the look you want. You might expect to see a badge on the front of the car from a luxury brand, but this is a Toyota and it’s a fantastic car to drive. Visit your local dealer and take one for a test drive today.

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