Commuting Is A Breeze In the Honda HR-V

If you’re looking for a new commuter that will help you own the daily grind, look no further than the new Honda HR-V. Unlike other subcompacts that focus on snazzy looks to gain attention, the Honda HR-V focuses on being completely pragmatic.

While the HR-V is the smallest vehicle in the Honda lineup, it opens a plethora of doors for your commute. Here are just some of the advantages the Honda HR-V gives you on the highways, city streets, and rural roads.

Comfort For The Ride

The HR-V may be small, but it has a seemingly massive interior. Upfront, you’ll enjoy plenty of head and legroom. The back is pretty spacious as well but doesn’t match what you get upfront. What helps this compact SUV stand out is Honda’s magic seat. The rear seats offer multiple configurations that give you a variety of ways to haul your gear and passengers.

Gas-Sipping Power

A powerful commuter needs to provide excellent fuel economy. The HR-V fits the bill wonderfully with an EPA estimated 29 mpg combined. Whether you have a short commute or a longer jaunt across town, this SUV will help cut down on your monthly fuel costs.

The current version of the Honda HR-V is equipped with a four-cylinder engine that gets the job done but is somewhat underwhelming. The 2023 version should see some impressive upgrades. In Europe, you’ll see this Honda powered by a hybrid powertrain similar to what you find in the Accord. Honda has released exactly what’s coming to the U.S., but it should be similar to other updated engines that we find on the Civic.

With the updated engine that’s coming and this small SUV’s improved maneuverability, you’ll be able to zip and zoom around town with greater ease, making your commute even more fun.

Interior Tech Galore

Outside of high-performance abilities and plenty of interior comforts, the Honda HR-V comes with the tech you need to make even the worse traffic jams bearable. You’ll love the standard seven-inch touchscreen infotainment center. More importantly, you’ll get hours of enjoyment from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Future models are expected to have options for onboard Wi-Fi, SiriusXM Radio, and in-dash navigation.

Safety Is Included

A successful commute is one that gets you to your destination in one piece. Luckily, the Honda HR-V has some incredible safety options as part of the Honda Sensing Suite. You can only expect more options for future versions of this SUV.

For now, here is what you can expect on the HR-V:

  • Automated emergency braking
  • Lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Forward collision mitigation
  • And more

Improve Your Commute Today

You work hard, so it’s only fair that you have an incredibly comfortable, powerful, and safe vehicle to get you back and forth. If you’re still not convinced, stop by your local Honda dealer and explore the new Honda HR-V for yourself today.

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