Benefits of Chevrolet Service at Your Local Dealer

You’ve recently purchased a new vehicle from your nearby Chevrolet dealer, and you’re wondering where you should go to have the scheduled maintenance performed. The advice you get from family members, friends, and coworkers may steer you away from the Chevrolet Service Center at the dealership, but there are many reasons to choose service from the team where you bought your vehicle. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that you should choose Chevrolet service at the same place where you purchased your new Chevrolet.

The Chevrolet Service Expertise You Need is at the Dealership

Not only are the mechanics and service team members at your local Chevy store trained to work on vehicles, but they are also specially trained to work in the vehicles that wear the bow tie emblem. This team knows your vehicle and everything that is built into it better than any other team in town. Whether you’re going there simply for the service or you need to have your vehicle repaired, you want a team of people that understand the nuances of what your Chevy requires to make it drive perfectly.

Your Warranty Needs to Be Protected

Not every service station or mechanic shop is going to properly service your vehicle, know what it needs when, or input the service properly. The warranty of your Chevy has specific language included that requires you to have your vehicle serviced at specific intervals. The Service Center at your local Chevrolet dealer understands your warranty and will ensure you get to keep the protection you’re paying for, provided you bring your ride in for service when it’s scheduled. Don’t trust anyone else to ensure your warranty remains intact.

Your Satisfaction is Important

The team at your local Chevy store would like you to visit them, again and again, to buy more vehicles, take advantage of their services, and add parts when you want to. Part of ensuring you are satisfied with their products and services is making sure you have the right service at the right price whenever you come in for service. Part of what you’re paying for in your new Chevy could be a specified number of services that are included in your vehicle; don’t let that go to waste. Let this team keep you satisfied.

Chevrolet Service Recall Records Found at Your Nearby Chevrolet Dealer

There are many times that recall notices don’t get to the customer, and then you’re driving around in a vehicle that needs to have service performed. Most of the time, recalls are not something you want to ignore because they impact the safety of your vehicle. Thankfully, even if you’ve missed the recall notice, the team at your Chevy Service Center can take care of the issue the next time you go to your local dealership for service.

The best Parts are Found at the Right Place

The Chevy you drive has parts that are specifically made to help it drive right and give you the best performance possible. These parts are called OEM parts which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. You want these parts used for your vehicle every time you need service or repairs for your vehicle. The one place you can ensure these are the parts used is at the dealership with the bow-tie emblem on the sign.

The Chevrolet Service Center is Made for Your Vehicle

Every Chevrolet dealer has benefited from the Chevrolet team helping to build and equip the service center with the tools, training, and equipment needed to get the job done the right way. This means your Chevy is going to be serviced by a specialized team that has the items that will make sure you have a vehicle that drives right. Going to another service location won’t give you this peace of mind, which means you don’t know what they will use to work on your vehicle.

The Chevrolet Service Team is Part of Your Community

Chevrolet expects employees to show pride and meet high standards, even when they are out in the community. Many of the team members at your local Chevy Service Center are community volunteers that are visible in the community trying to make it a better place for everyone to live. You might know some of the technicians and mechanics that are working at your local Chevy store. These are the people you want working on your vehicle when you need to bring it in and have it serviced.

Your Vehicle Will be Done Quickly

Every service or repair job that comes into the service center at a Chevrolet dealer is assigned a specific timetable that must be met. This ensures the team working on your vehicle gets things done quickly, gets them done the right way, and doesn’t waste a lot of time. Your vehicle will be in and out of the service center as quickly as it possibly can be so that you can get back on the road.

Continued Certifications and Training

Vehicle technology is changing every year, which presents a list of challenges for your local service team. Chevrolet invests a great deal into ensuring the service centers that wear the brand logo are trained and certified at all times. This means continued training whenever new technology arrives. You’re much less likely to find such attention to quality and commitment to excellence at your mechanic shop that isn’t affiliated with a specific brand. Bring your Chevy to the place that continually updates its training.

The Dealer Values Your Loyalty

The experience you have when purchasing your new Chevrolet vehicle is only a portion of the overall ownership experience you’ll have at the dealership. Most of the time you spend at this location will be spent with the Service Center team. Your Chevrolet dealer emphasizes your total satisfaction because they want to see you come back to them when you’re ready for your next vehicle. To ensure you want to visit this dealership and buy another vehicle from them, they have to give you a complete experience and make certain you always leave with a smile.


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