What’s New in the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you’ve been eyeing the Jeep Grand Cherokee for your next family vehicle but worried that it wasn’t big enough to fit your growing clan, you’re in luck. Back in 2021, Jeep released the longer Jeep Grand Cherokee L that features three full rows of seating. This L version offers more space and a better price than its cousin, the Grand Wagoneer.

The fact that the Grand Cherokee L is a stand-alone model means that drivers get to decide between the regular-size and longer-size model. The styling elements are similar, so you’ll feel right at home in either choice. However, the new Grand Cherokee L stands out with its updated technology features and appearance packages.

Screens Everywhere

Passengers will love the new tech features available in the updated 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The front passenger gets their own 10.25-inch touchscreen built right into their dashboard. This screen gives your navigator the ability to track the trip, control backseat entertainment, and so much more. This screen is standard on the Summit Reserve models and is available on the Limited trim, Overland, and Summit trims.

This SUV offers a dual 10.1-inch display to keep the kids entertained in the back. This amazing piece of innovation is equipped with Amazon’s Fire TV and can stream movies and shows through the Jeep’s built-in Wi-Fi connection. You can even download content to the device to enjoy videos when you don’t want to use a connection. The best part is that grown-ups can stay in control of what the kids are watching via the front screen.

More Ways To Stand Out

The L version of this popular SUV also has two new appearance packages for the new year: Limited Black and Summit High Altitude. Both of these packages come with some sweet upgrades that will ensure everyone you pass turns green with envy.

Both options come with gloss-black aluminum wheels. The Limited Black comes with 20-inch wheels, while the Summit High Altitude is equipped with 21-inch circles. You’ll also enjoy distinct accents, roof rails, and a specialized grille.

Outside of the new appearance packages, the L model also comes with three new exterior colors: Ember, Hydro Blue, and Midnight Sky.

The Future Of Semi-Autonomous Driving

One area Jeep has really been diving into is safety tech. This SUV is loaded with safety and driver-assist features. One of the most impressive is the new Active Driving Assist. This system combines adaptive cruise control with hands-on lane centering. You can relax a little more on those long road trips when active.

There’s also a more advanced Hands-free Active Driving Assist feature. This actually helps keep you centered without needing to have your hands on the wheel. There are systems in place to ensure that you’re watching the road ahead, but this feature lets you enjoy the scenery or conversations with your passengers while your Jeep does all of the work. It can even help slow your vehicle on tight curves. Now that’s the future of driving.

The New Jeep Grand Cherokee L Is Coming Soon

Some of the amazing features aren’t available just yet but should be ready somewhere in the middle of 2022, including a hybrid powertrain model. The exact price hasn’t been revealed yet, but the 2021 model started at $39,375 and goes up to $63,950 for the most premium version.

Keep an eye on your local Jeep dealer to keep up-to-date. You might even consider making a reservation to ensure that this baby can be yours.

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