Hyundai and Genesis Welcome Digital CarKey Functionality

Can you remotely unlock your Hyundai or Genesis vehicle? Currently, you can only use the digital key feature if you have an Android phone. Sure, you could use the proprietary apps that are part of the iOS package to remote start and unlock a compatible vehicle, but wouldn’t you like the same ease and functionality that Android users currently enjoy? Thankfully, that functionality is on the way, and it will be part of the technology offered later this summer.

A new CarKey Feature is Set to Arrive

Once this new feature rolls out, you won’t have to use the MyHyundai with Bluelink app or the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app to start and unlock the doors remotely. Instead, you can simply use the iPhone Wallet app and enjoy these functions. This will allow Apple users to have the same functionality as Android users. Currently, vehicles that have this feature allow Android users to perform these simple tasks but also to share access to the vehicle with other users and to offer a key card for those without an Android phone to have access to the vehicle. Once this upgrade is complete, all Android and Apple smartphones will be capable of acting as the digital key for models that support this function.

Expect the Rollout to Arrive for Genesis Models First

As the luxury brand offered by the Hyundai Group, it only seems fitting that a technology upgrade will first be rolled out for all Genesis models. Of course, this new function could be offered on all Hyundai models that offer the Digital Key feature as well, but not all models from this brand are going to have this feature right away. Expect the luxury arm to be the first to offer all smartphone users the capability of a Digital Key when this tech upgrade is complete.

What Does the Genesis Lineup Offer?

The 2022 Genesis lineup features seven vehicles that could be the luxury model you want to drive. Let’s take a look at what each one offers for your drive.

Genesis G70

The G70 is the compact sporty luxury sedan that brings you an active drive and plenty of upscale features to keep you smiling every time you get behind the wheel. This car has won many awards from various publications, and it has been a favorite among luxury car owners. Just imagine how much fun you can have in a luxury car when you know you’ve got the right equipment to tear up the roads.

Genesis G80

When you think about the G80, you’ll think about the former Hyundai Genesis, which was one of the most highly-regarded sedans in the market. For years, this car has been the foundation of the new brand. Recently, the G80 has been upgraded to bring more luxury style to the mix and add the tech you’re looking for. Everything about driving this car is a pleasure with the size, power, and performance that you want when you’re ready to take a cruise in the countryside.

Electric G80

One of the seven models offered by this luxury brand is a new electric vehicle that gives you excellent driving range and the benefits of never needing to stop at a gas pump to fill up. The Electric G80 makes sense for this brand that started with the G80 as the foundation when two Hyundai models were used to build a new luxury arm. Adding the benefits of a Digital Key feature that works for Apple users will only increase the experience that owners of this new electrified version of the G80 will get to experience whenever heading out for a drive.

Genesis G90

If you’re looking for a full-size luxury sedan that offers roomy seating, executive-level comfort in the rear, and more tech features than any other car in the class, the G90 is what you’re looking for. This is a car that looks smooth, sinister, sophisticated, and stylish all at the same time. Just imagine what it will feel like to have this car and know that your phone can be your key once the Apple upgrade is complete. This singular feature could be the cherry on top of this luxurious sundae.

Genesis GV60

Wait a minute, did this brand just add a new number to the mix? The GV60 is the latest in the lineup from Genesis, and it’s a compact crossover SUV that offers you the luxury qualities you admire from this brand in a small SUV that could be perfect when you want something smaller to drive. Does this new SUV give us a hint that a G60 will be offered to be smaller than the G70? We don’t yet know if that will happen, but our thoughts are that the GV60 will receive the Digital Key upgrades later this summer along with the rest of this luxury lineup.

Genesis GV70

The compact luxury crossover SUV, that if packaged with amazing features and qualities for your driving pleasure, is the GV70. This model shares a platform with the G70, making it a dynamic and sporty luxury ride that you could enjoy every day. Admire the stance, feel the quality of the build, and get ready for the peppy engines to propel you down the road in a way that puts a smile on your face. This is an SUV that delivers on what you expect out of a luxury brand.

Genesis GV80

If you want a roomy and comfortable midsize SUV that brings you luxury comfort and powerful driving dynamics, the GV80 should be on your list. This is easily one of the most attractive and stylish vehicles you’ll see when you visit the dealership to see if this is the SUV you want to drive. Get ready to add the benefits of the Digital Key feature for your Apple iPhone when the upgrades arrive later this year. This one addition could bring you much more pleasure when you take the GV80 out for a drive every day.

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