Best Minivan Models that Age Well

Shopping for a minivan on a tight budget? From a pre-owned Honda Odyssey to a used Toyota Sienna, here are six versatile vans packed with family-friendly features (which are useful even if you don’t schlep kids around).

The Most Accommodating Vehicles on the Road

If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s next to impossible to outgrow, you can’t beat a minivan. Whether you’re in charge of the team carpool or need flexible seating and secure inside storage for your gear, a minivan can morph into any configuration you need it to.

You can find some incredible bargains on a used minivan without having to go back too many model years. Those listed here are worth a test drive.

Honda Odyssey: Premium in Almost Every Way

Why “almost”? Because the only thing not premium in the Honda Odyssey is the price. The interior is roomy and rich with available amenities like tri-zone climate control. Honda stopped including the in-van vacuum, so if you have kids or pets, you’ll want to get your hands on a 2016-2019 model.

Toyota Sienna: Your All-Weather Friend

Get a lot while saving a lot. A used Toyota Sienna is available with an all-wheel drive so that you can drive with confidence all year round. And 2015 is a particularly good vintage for this minivan, with the first-of-its-kind Driver Easy Speak allowing you to talk to back seat passengers without taking your eyes off the road.

Kia Sedona: Relax and Enjoy the Ride

How do you compete with established heavyweights? By offering luxuries like retractable second-row leg rests and a Nappa leather-appointed interior. The 2016 Kia Sedona certainly didn’t suffer a “sophomore slump” with a powerful V6 engine and a smooth, comfortable ride. Best of all, you can score a feature-loaded used Sedona for around $20k

Dodge Grand Caravan: Elegant Simplicity in a Minivan

With second-row seats you can just stuff into the floor, the Dodge Grand Caravan is one of the most versatile minivans ever made. Never mind the “soccer mom” jokes. If you’re secure in your coolness, you can get a fully-loaded 2016-2019 Grand Caravan for well under $20k.

Mazda5: A Mini-Minivan

Mazda stopped production on the Mazda5 minivan after 2015, which is kind of a shame because it was perfect for multi-generational families. This small and sporty minivan packed a lot of value for the money. And because it’s a Mazda, they’re darn fun to drive. Look for a 2015 model and add it to your test-drive list.

Nissan Quest: A Minivan, But Make it Cool

Equal parts sculpted and boxy, the Nissan Quest delivers outstanding gas mileage, even with a V6 engine. The Quest seats seven and offers ride quality that rivals many luxury sedans. You can find great deals on 2016 models, which is the last year Nissan produced this minivan.

Behold! Your Test Drive List

Whether your priority is accommodating passengers or cargo, these used minivans deliver plenty of value and versatility for your money.


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