What’s the Big Deal About the Jeep Wave?

There’s a certain level of understanding between Jeep owners. What once was limited to a specific model is expanded to be the Jeep Wave.

What is this phenomenon? The Jeep Wave is the salute all Jeep owners offer each other on the road, regardless of model. The dirtier, more off-road ready, or rugged a Jeep is, the bigger the wave they will receive. Of course, Jeep couldn’t leave this cool salute alone and used the name for its loyalty program. All new Jeep owners, starting in 2021, are automatically enrolled in the program.

What is this Special Loyalty Program?

Using Jeep Wave as the name of the loyalty program is an excellent way to make it easy for owners to enjoy their Jeeps even longer. With worry-free maintenance, owners have the peace of mind needed. This program offers new owners three free oil changes and tire rotations for the first three years of driving. There aren’t any mileage limits for the tire rotations, which makes it easy to drive a Jeep and know you can have your tires rotated as needed. This program greets you with the start of your maintenance and driving pleasure on the road.

It Started as an Urban Legend

Maybe urban isn’t the right word for it. Originally, owners of CJ Wrangler models gave each other a simple greeting when they saw each other on the roads or trails. Because this Wrangler is one of the most highly-respected off-roaders, the legend doesn’t have urban roots but wild oats. Today, this greeting is expanded to include every model that wears the Jeep name. It’s a simple wave showing the first couple of fingers extended in a small salute to each other. Respect is still given for dirtier Jeeps that look like they have recently come back from the trails.

Jeep Has an Expanded Lineup Made for Salutes

The Jeep lineup for 2022 gives you a wide variety of SUVs and one midsize pickup truck. The classic model is the Wrangler, which was the first Jeep and the vehicle that brought the brand name to the market. The Wrangler is well known as the toughest and most rugged off-road SUV in the market. When properly equipped, a Wrangler can be ideal for crawling over rocks, down trees, stumps, hills, and through water, mud, and sand. Every model of the Wrangler is well worth the salute offered of the Jeep Wave.

New Big Models Bring Luxury to the Jeep Lineup

A pair of large SUVs hit the market for 2022 to be luxurious Jeep models that are certainly worthy of a salute on any road. While the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are both full-size SUVs that can handle some off-road fun, you might be inclined to keep these expensive SUVs on the paved roads. If you’re looking for a Jeep that fits your big family with plenty of comfort and some amazing performance features, you’ll be more than happy to have either of these Wagoneer models.

A Favorite Jeep Got Bigger

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is often thought of as the second most useful off-road SUV in the market behind the Wrangler. The Grand Cherokee has been a family-sized SUV with two rows of seats and tons of cargo room for many generations. Recently, the Grand Cherokee got longer and added a third row. This new model is called the Grand Cherokee L, and it gives you more room and seating for your family. When you’re out and about, either model of the Grand Cherokee is worthy of the Jeep Wave.

It’s the Only Truck You’ll Want to Salute

When the covered rear area of the Wrangler isn’t enough to give you the cargo capabilities you need, you’ll want to take the Jeep Gladiator out for a drive. This midsize truck uses the same platform as the Wrangler, but it has a truck bed and it can tow up to 7,000 pounds to wherever you want to go. Take your gear with you in this truck to the wilderness where you want to set up camp or spend time next to your favorite lake, where you’ll find the fish you want to catch and eat for the night.

A Small Wave is All You Need for the Renegade

The smallest SUV in the Jeep lineup is the Renegade, which is worthy of the Jeep Wave. This little SUV can handle the light trails you find, and it offers you a full package of capability features to ensure you have the drive you want to enjoy. The Renegade is a bit cartoonish, which is part of its charm. Whether you keep it in the city or let it loose on the trails, this little Jeep can be extremely useful and give you the drive you want to enjoy every day.

A Classic Jeep Name is Cherokee

Situated in the compact class, one of the most comfortable SUVs in the Jeep lineup is the Cherokee. You might not see many Cherokee models covered in mud and muck, but that doesn’t make them any less a Jeep. When the weather turns foul, these SUVs handle the job and get you where you need to go with ease. If you’re looking for a vehicle that has a family-friendly vibe to it while being a compact model, the Cherokee is the right vehicle for you to drive and enjoy.

Finally, we Arrive at a Jeep that Shows You the Way

The name says it all and helps you find where you want to go when you’re behind the wheel. The Jeep Compass is a small SUV that delivers good off-road qualities that make driving right on any road or a light trail. If you’ve lost your way, you’ll easily find where you want to go when you drive the Compass. Take this little SUV out on the trails and get the Jeep Wave going with some of the other adventurers out in the wilderness.

Which Jeep will you drive? The Jeep Wave is certainly a Jeep thing that others might not understand. Now, it’s also a loyalty program that offers you some included maintenance to get you started right.

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