10 Books Car Enthusiasts Should Read

If you’re looking for a great gift for the car enthusiasts in your life, these ten books could be exactly what they want to enjoy.

As we grow to become adults, we often forget the joys of reading and opening a book just to relax and see what’s found inside. Some books are meant to be read and give you a deep dive into a wonderful story, while others are filled with pictures and scenes we can admire. These books are part of the second category and might be the ideal gift for the car lover in your life.

Bond Cars: The Definitive History

Do you love watching the James Bond movies? If so, you’ll want to own this book and go through the memorable cars that have been part of the movies for many years. Often, we talk about only one brand of car in these movies, but you’ll be amazed to see the incredible list of vehicles that have made it onto the big screen in movies with our favorite spy. James Bond is an iconic figure on the screen, but the cars that have been part of the movies are just as incredible.

A Man & His Car: Iconic Cars and Stories from the Men Who Love Them

How do you feel about your car? If you’re one of the many car enthusiasts out there, this is one of the best books for you to read and enjoy. Because owning a car can be extremely personal and offer you an experience on a deeper level than many things, this book could be perfect for you. Enjoy stories told by famous car collectors such as Jay Leno when you check out what this book brings to life.

My Dad Had That Car: A Nostalgic Lok at the American Automobile, 1920-1990

Sometimes, the cars of our youth are the machines that shape our lives and the way we see the automotive world later on. This incredible book covers a lifetime in the auto industry, showcasing more than 10,000 cars with 1,300 pages of images you’ll love. This is one of the most comprehensive books covering the American auto industry and many years covering this industry. If your dad had a car, and he likely did, it’s probably in this book.

Indy Split: The Big Money Battle that Nearly Destroyed Indy Racing

The auto industry, especially racing, has had many heated battles and incredible rivalries in its history. This is one of the most interesting books that car enthusiasts can enjoy covering events that nearly destroyed the world of open-wheel racing in the United States. The split that came in the Indy Car world could have left us without the fun and glory of this racing series. Thankfully, the events didn’t cause this racing series to depart the United States but reading this book, it might surprise you to learn that Indy Car Racing is still popular in America.

Pininfarina: 90 Anni/90 Years

For nine decades, the iconic Italian design firm Pininfarina brought us some of the most incredibly stunning cars from various Italian brands. If you’re looking for a book that brings you some of the most attractive cars in automotive history, this book is filled with cars from Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. There have been 632 cars with the Pininfarina influence over the 90-year history, and all of them have a place in this incredible book.

The Supercar Book for Boys

When you want pages and pages of the most powerful and drop-dead gorgeous cars in the world, this is the book you want to buy. All car enthusiasts should put one of these books on their coffee table or in the garage near the tools. This book is filled with nearly 200 full-color photos and the incredible statistics that go along with the cars that you want to enjoy while you turn the pages. Every page is covered in an iconic car that brings speed to that tarmac.

McQueen’s Motorcycles: Racing and Riding with the King of Cook

One of the coolest actors and car guys in history was Steve McQueen. Not only did he love cars, but he also loved to ride motorcycles. He spent a lot of time on vintage bikes, mostly from Harley-Davidson, that he had acquired to add to his vintage collection of amazing bikes. Turn the pages and see the star atop some of his favorite bikes.

The Complete Book of Corvette: Every Model Since 1953

The last two generations of the Chevy Corvette aren’t covered, but that’s not the purpose of this book. If you’re looking for one of those books that take car enthusiasts back in time for a wonderful adventure down memory lane, this is the book for you. The Chevy Corvette has been one of the most iconic cars in American automotive history, and this book offers pages upon pages of a tour of the history of this amazing car. Take things back to the start of the Chevy Corvette and take it to the C6 model, all of which are covered in the pages of this book.

Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans

The movie Ford vs. Ferrari and the documentary covering the same topic can only give you so much of a view into the famous feud between these automotive giants. If you know, like many dos, that books cover much more than what a two-hour movie can offer, you’ll love this incredible journey into the story that’s become part of automotive history. This is the book upon which the movie was based, which means you can now tell people, “I read the book,” and point out the flaws in the film. Your friends and family will love that.

Porsche Unseen: Design Studies

Many of the Porsche concepts that have been created over the years never made it to the road. In fact, some have never been seen in public. If you want to enjoy a treasure trove of amazing Porsche concepts that never made it into the public eye, you’ll love this book. This is certainly one of the most iconic books for car enthusiasts to enjoy what Porsche almost brought to the market but never took out in public.

Which one of these books for car enthusiasts will make it onto your coffee table? These ten could certainly bring you an amazing collection of cars and stories to admire and enjoy.

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