2023 BMW XM: What Makes This New Flag Bearer Desirable?

A new top dog in the BMW lineup has emerged. The 2023 BMW XM is a special flagship SUV that delivers on everything that makes this brand awesome.

During its time in existence, the M-Division of BMW has only had one vehicle that was fully designed and developed by this performance arm of the brand. Now, with the emergence of the XM SUV, we have a second. The M1 was the first, and now a new performance machine emerges that is a big and bulky SUV offering performance qualities that aren’t expected in a large SUV.

The Unique Front Lighting Will Catch Your Gaze

Maybe it won’t actually be something you see, but others will see this BMW SUV out on the road and instantly know what it is. There’s a set of LED lights in the kidney grilles to light them up and offer the futuristic design and style of this SUV. If you want to see these lights, you’ll have to step out of the vehicle and walk to the front to see the impressive level of design and drama offered.

It’s Big, But it’s Fast

The BMW XM isn’t a slow or sluggish SUV at all. When it first arrived on the scene, some skeptics thought it might not offer the M-Division performance, but they were wrong. The XM offers enough power to rocket to 60 mph in only 4.3 seconds. The top speed is limited to 155 mph in the standard and 168 mph with the M-Sport performance upgrades. A later version of this SUV could rival the Lamborghini Urus for top speed numbers, but that model won’t arrive for another year.

If You Can Wish it, You’ll Find it in this BMW

The BMW lineup of vehicles is one of the most advanced in the market, and this new SUV packs everything that you can think of. You’ll find the latest version of the 8-speed M Steptronic automatic transmission, a revolutionized interior area, and an incredible level of tech and performance from one of the most advanced vehicles in the market. If you think something is missing from this massive vehicle, it might not be available from BMW just yet.

You’re Sure to Admire the M Lounge Cabin Area

The interior space of the BMW XM is made to be as comfortable and luxurious as possible. While this might be counterintuitive to the performance qualities expected, the M Lounge area offers a set of rear seats made from high-quality materials featuring diamond-shaped stitching in the headrests. This design allows the rear to be incredibly comfortable and unique. The entire area is made to be one large seat to make it feel more spacious and comfortable for any passengers in the rear.

The Label Red is Coming

The version that will arrive in the Summer of 2023 to be a true rival for top speed in the SUV class is the XM Label Red. This new model is a much more powerful model than the regular version. The Label Red brings 748 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque, as quoted right now. It’s possible, between now and the release date, that BMW could find more power to make this mean beast even angrier. The new Label Red model will come in Frozen Carbon Black with Toronto Red contrasting elements to give the exterior a unique look.

Going Hybrid Just Got More Fun in this BMW

One of the features that turned a few critics off to the BMW XM when it was first announced in the hybrid powertrain. We’re not sure why some hated it, but the powertrain offers a strong V8 engine and a 160 horsepower electric motor which is a plug-in version. This gives you some electric driving and the incredible feeling and power of the V8 engine together. Additionally, this SUV offers eControl mode for all-electric driving to help save some fuel in this massive SUV.

A Classic Look to the Interior

The blue seats of the XM might be a bit different from some vehicles, but the brown leather is extremely familiar because it comes from some of the most popular BMW vehicles. The XM, in its bulky size, is directly inspired by the new 3 Series. The steering wheel and front seats come from other BMW models to be right for this impressive new SUV.

The M Setup Delivers Impressive Performance Qualities

As you find in other BMW models, the XM offers a wide range of settings and adjustments to make driving personal to you. Sure, there are some pre-programmed settings that help you get used to how this SUV can perform and what it means to drive a vehicle from the M-Division, but you’ll also find customizable buttons to set this SUV to your liking. Tap the button and find the right settings for how you want to drive and enjoy what this impressive luxury-performance SUV has to offer.

That Hybrid Powertrain Tho

When it arrives in the market, the new XM will deliver nearly 653 horsepower. This power comes from a twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a plug-in hybrid electric motor. This added electric motor is made for performance to deliver up to 160 horsepower, adding to the 489 ponies coming out of the V8 engine. This is another way the XM feels counterintuitive to what the market calls for, but BMW doesn’t seem to care and made this SUV to be one of the largest and most exciting vehicles in the lineup.

The Design Can Only Be Described as Futuristic

The BMW XM arrives with an all-new design that should trickle down to the rest of the lineup, offering a new but familiar design language for this brand. The entire front end is angular with creases and lines where others have curves. The rear has been reimagined to offer a gorgeous finish to this impressive SUV. At the rear, sleek likes and a dual exhaust system are present to give this SUV a great style that others will admire when driving behind the XM.

Will you look for the new BMW XM to be the large, luxurious, and performance-oriented SUV you want to drive? If so, you’re in for a real treat.

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