Is Your Construction Business Ready for an Uncertain New Year?

As mortgage rates continue to increase in the new year, construction companies know they need to hit the ground running to start 2023. As the housing market slows down in many parts of the country, builders need to avoid panicking and go after the opportunities that are available now.

Experts believe that the home market will get back to normal soon. One estimate suggests that the housing market is missing 1.5 million units, which means there will be a demand for new builds in the coming months. Until the market picks up, builders and renovation companies need to step up their game to remain competitive in their fields.

Some companies are leaning towards construction management software options that help them estimate projects, collaborate online with their subcontractors and Kubota dealer networks, track their invoices/costs, and manage schedules with ease.

Ron Marcella III of Marcella Building and Renovation turned to a software system called Buildxact. After serving the Pittsfield, Massachusetts, area for over 30 years, Marcella understands the importance of having the right tools to stay competitive in an unstable economy. In fact, he has found that using the right software gives him an edge over the competition.

Marcella finds that if you are able to offer someone an accurate estimate before leaving, you have a better chance of landing the job. Creating quotes is something that can take builders hours to create. It involves calculating material costs, labor hours, Kubota dealers’ equipment rental fees, and more. With Buildxact, Marcella is able to compute complex pricing and information almost instantly.

Marcella isn’t the only one who is turning toward construction management software to help during uncertain times. Professionals from across the industry are realizing just how many of their pain points can be solved through technology, from tackling complicated scheduling and tracking down materials to dealing with issues on the job site and managing costs. It has never been easier to stay in the game than it is with the right tools.

Thanks to advanced systems and affordable subscription-based programs like Buildxact, even smaller construction companies can compete with the big guys. There’s no telling what you can do with the right tools in hand.

About Buildxact

Buildxact is one of many construction management software options for builders and remodelers. This software isn’t just for construction companies. It offers solutions for builders, dealers, and industry partners. That means everyone from roofers to Kubota dealers to sales teams can benefit from this cloud-based solution. The fact that it lives and stores data in the cloud means you and your team can access it from anywhere the internet is available. The company also offers a variety of training options to ensure users can get the most out of the software.

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