10 Reasons to Drive the Porsche Cayman

The Porsche Cayman isn’t the iconic Porsche 911, but it’s an impressive sports car for the money. When you want a driver-focused car, look to the Cayman.

The design offered in the more affordable Porsche is extremely similar to its iconic counterpart. The Cayman delivers a lightweight, sporty look that makes it easy to love and fun to drive. This car can provide you with all of the joy of driving a great-looking sports car without challenging you with a high price and power that might be beyond your driving skills.

Here are ten reasons you’ll love driving the Porsche Cayman.

1. In true Porsche tradition, there are several options

The Cayman is an incredible sports car, but it isn’t offered in only one version. Like so many models from this brand, the Cayman is a masterpiece of driving design and performance. There are several models in the range, including the Cayman S, T, and GTS models. Of course, Porsche couldn’t leave it at these four; they added Boxster versions of all four trims of this amazing sports car. The Cayman T adds special styling and options to make it a customized version of this car, while the Cayman S is made for track performance.

2. Porsche didn’t skimp on the interior

The Porsche Cayman might be the more affordable Porsche sports car, but that doesn’t mean the company cut any corners. The cabin is packed with impressive tech, comfortable materials, and tons of incredible soft-touch elements that make it one of the most inviting sports cars in the market. You’ll enjoy the dual-zone climate controls, upscale infotainment screen, and electronically adjustable seats that all help make this car a great choice for daily driving.

3. The sporty exhaust system makes a wonderful sound

Drive this amazing sports car down the street, and onlookers will turn their heads to see what’s making that beautiful exhaust noise. Porsche gives this car the sporty sounds you want to hear, making it one of the most fun and exciting cars to drive. You can customize the Cayman with either black or silver tailpipes to make it look even better. This is a wonderful sports car in every possible way and one you’ll love to show off during every drive.

4. The Porsche infotainment system is pretty great

Some sports cars forgo the best in infotainment because they expect drivers to focus on the performance of the vehicle. This is a bit strange because most non-track sports cars spend more time on paved roads than driving anywhere else. The Porsche Cayman has the same digital display as before, but that system has evolved to be better than before. Now, you can connect wirelessly using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, depending on the type of smartphone you use every day.

5. More power and fun in the Cayman GTS 4.0

When it’s time for a high-performance version of this lightweight and impressive sports car, the Cayman GTS 4.0 is the car to give you some amazing track-day fun. This model offers 394 horsepower and hits 60 mph in only 4.3 seconds. The Boxster version of this sports car has the same power as the regular GTS model without giving up any of the luxury qualities that come in the Boxster model of this amazing sports car.

6. Personalize this car to your liking

When you want a great way to customize a production sports car right from the factory, the Porsche Cayman is the right car to make this happen. Porsche is well-known for tits wide range of paint colors, wheel options, and interior design elements. You can also choose from a few unique colors and designs that make this car even more incredible. Add the Sport Chrono Package and a special color to this performance machine, and let your next track day be even more fun.

7. The Cayman has the latest driver technology

If you want some of the driving features that make the Porsche 911 the great sports car it is but at a lower price, the Cayman is the right car to drive. Porsche allows subtle adjustments to the setup of the car to make it easy to use the preset driver modes to switch between different modes while out on the road. Push a few buttons, and this car is set for the track and ready for you to drive.

8. Porsche performance is fully baked into this car

You won’t miss out on any performance and power when you drive the Porsche Cayman. This car is seriously powerful and fast, giving you more than 300 horsepower from most trims. The standard model hits 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, which means things only get better from there. Move to the Cayman S, and you’ll have 350 horsepower and a sprint time of 4.4 seconds while heading to a top speed of 177 mph. The Cayman GTS takes things even further.

9. The Boxster models of this Porsche are unique

The Porsche Cayman Boxster models make this car a lot more fun and more luxurious. Checking the spot for the Boxster version of any trim gives you a convertible model without losing any of the performance, which typically happens in a convertible. Adding a convertible top typically means more weight and a shift in balance from the necessary equipment added to a convertible car, but Porsche has found the secret sauce to maintain performance and power while delivering an open-air feeling.

10. Classic, sleek, modern Porsche design

There’s no denying the look of the Cayman. This car is a Porsche sportscar through and through, with the smooth lines, short wheelbase, and fastback look that you admire in other Porsche sportscars. This design is truly iconic and one of the most legendary styles in the entire industry. This build allows the Cayman to be agile and quick on the track with its aerodynamic style that keeps this car where it should be while you’re out on the road.

These are ten reasons you’ll love driving the Porsche Cayman, but once you get behind the wheel of this incredible sports car, you’ll probably find ten more.

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