Dodge is ‘Swarming the Nation’ With its Head-Turning Hornet

As the globe goes electric, automakers are fighting for their spot in what is undeniably the future of automotive design and performance. Dodge is committed to holding its own, and this is clear to see with the automaker’s latest marketing campaign for the Dodge Hornet, “swarming the nation.”

The campaign kicks off with a 90-second video shared on all of Dodge’s social media platforms. There’s also a 30-second TV commercial and a 15-second teaser touting the automaker’s innovative future. With big plans for the electric vehicle space, the buzz around the Hornet is certainly worth the hype.

Dodge Casts Wide Net With its Marketing Campaign

At the heart of this campaign is Dodge’s latest electrified compact utility vehicle (CUV), the Dodge Hornet. The Hornet is revered as a milestone for the automaker — at least according to Tim Kuniskis, Dodge’s CEO. The electric Hornet has popped up as one of the most innovative models Dodge makes with a slew of top-of-the-line performance features, comfort additions, and tech enhancements.

The teaser videos have ignited the interest of drivers throughout the nation. Though the teasers don’t reveal much information, they do a great job of getting the attention of environmentally-conscious drivers and those wanting a vehicle with the ”it factor.”

The videos include dramatic screenshots of everyday Americans preparing for the “swarm.” With subtle touches of FOMO sprinkled throughout the campaign, Dodge does an exceptional job capturing the attention of drivers.

Marissa Hunter, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Stellantis North America confirms that a driving force behind the marketing campaign is to attract and ignite the interest of drivers who may be ready to make the shift to electric or those who are already in the electric space.

dodge is swarming the nation with its head turning hornet - swarm

Dodge is just getting started with its marketing attempts. Enlisting big-name influencers from platforms including TikTok and Instagram, Dodge is committed to delivering their message of practical and affordable electric vehicles to drivers of all backgrounds. Ultimately, Dodge hopes that with this latest campaign, drivers will buzz their way to their local Dodge car dealership to learn more about this innovative CUV.

See How the Hornet Paves the Way of CUVs

While millions of dollars behind a marketing campaign are great, the outcome is only as good as the product. So what does the Dodge Hornet have to offer to prospective drivers?

For starters, the Hornet is designed specifically to disrupt the industry of CUVs. The Hornet features an enhanced powertrain that delivers exceptional suspension, steering, handling, and braking capabilities. Features like the PowerShot allow drivers to go from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds, a feat normally reserved for muscle cars, not SUVs, and especially not CUVs.

Top-of-the-line components including Brembo brakes and dynamic torque vectoring paired with standard all-wheel drive are other touches that define this disruptive CUV.

Best of all, the all-new Hornet is set to drop at a reasonably affordable price point. With a starting MSRP of $30,000, it doesn’t get any more affordable for a practical and well-crafted CUV.

Ready to learn more? Visit your local Dodge dealership and learn more about what the electrified Hornet has to offer.

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