Can an Electric Dodge Charger Give Us More?

We want more power. Will the new electric version of the Dodge Charger bring the desired power to the market in 2024? It seems to have the right power for you.

New concept models of the electric Charger have been seen on the road. This EV appears in the tenth edition of the Fast and Furious movies. This car takes styling back to the two-door coupe of the 1960s, removing the large sedan garb of the most recent gas-powered version of the Charger. Will this new Dodge be an electric success and pave the way for electric muscle cars going forward?

How many motors will the electric Charger include?

To keep up with the muscle car ethos of the Charger, the EV models should have one electric engine driving the rear wheels. We know the new entry-level Charger 340 receives a 400-volt system and 455 horsepower, giving this car plenty of juice to get things going in a hurry. The Charger 440 is the electric version of the Scat Pack model, and it brings 590 horsepower to the mix.

When you want a new electric Charger with two electric motors, the Banshee model should have an 800-volt architecture to offer tons of horsepower, which could be much more than the Hellcat Charger models. This top trim of the new EV Doge will also have a sound chamber which is meant to mimic a gas engine exhaust with 126 decibels of sound coming from this car.

Betters would have lost on the EV Dodge

Considering Stellantis hasn’t offered any electric Ram or Dodge vehicles yet, it would have been safe money to bet that Dodge would be the last to the market with an electric muscle car. All betters would have lost on that gamble. The new electric Dodge Charger will be the first EV muscle car to hit the market. Well, that is if you don’t count the Mustang Mach-E, which isn’t a coupe but an SUV, making it something different from the traditional muscle car Mustang.

Traditions to keep the brand strong

The first electric Dodge concept is the Charger Daytona SRT. This model has the banshee badges on each side, which tells us this car has the 800-volt system. The power is sent through a eRupt multi-speed transmission with a power boost feature called PowerShot which helps increase the power required for some quick acceleration and burst of speed when the PowerShot button is pushed.

Will the Fratzog badge remain on this electric Dodge?

The new electric Charger was first seen in a teaser video wearing the Fratzog badge. This badge is illuminated in the new Charger Daytona SRT Concept car. This item seems to be where Dodge is going all-in to symbolize the electric future of the brand. This badge dates back to Dodge cars produced from 1962 to 1966. In these models, this badge appeared on the grille, steering wheel center, and hubcaps.

A futuristic interior is present

Most old-school muscle cars offer sparse interiors in a weight-saving effort. The heavy electric Dodge Charger means this car can have a high-tech, futuristic interior. This new concept model has features and controls angled toward the driver, including the 16-inch display, a 12.3-inch infotainment screen, and the buttons required to control the environment inside this car. You’ll also see an 8.3-inch head-up display right in front of you to give you the readings you want to see during your drive. Some items appear to have a jet-fighter theme, and the roof features an impressive panoramic glass roof.

The EV Charger is much more aerodynamic than the most recent version

The latest Dodge Charger might not look like it’s actually aerodynamic, but it was. The new concept version of the electric Dodge Charger achieves a much lower drag coefficient reaching nearly 0.25. You might not realize this by looking at it, but it’s easy to see the shape that looks like it comes right out of the 1960s, especially when you see the nose cone that comes from the 1969-1970 Charger Daytona.

This EV muscle car can be a practical daily driver

The new electric Dodge Charger brings plenty of power and an EV platform with four bucket seats. The rear hatch opens to showcase a large cargo area, and the rear seats can be folded to give you plenty of cargo room which can easily rival some small SUVs. This allows the EV Charger to be a car that gives you the drive and usefulness you need every day.

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