Bentley Huntsman Edition: Old World Style Meets Modern Driving

Bentley goes for a classic look and more style with a pair of Huntsman models that bring the classic British style to the market.

These two models could make anyone feel the style and class. How has Bentley taken a step toward classic style and elegance? They did this by partnering with an old friend, Jack Barclay. This partnership brings us a few cool new bespoke models that appeal to customers searching for the classic European style that delivers tweed and a tailored look together for the perfect fit and style. In fact, which these new Bentley models, consumers will visit the Savile Row Concours for a fitting of their own.

What does Huntsman mean to those in the know?

This collaborative effort enables the qualities that bring the Huntsman style to life with the look that became popular during British hunting games, including fox hunting, quail hunting, and other classic sports of the wealthy. The Huntsman tradition brings 174 years of heritage to modern vehicles bearing the Bentley name.

These two Huntsman Edition Bentley models are based on the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Azure and Continental GTC Speed models. As you might expect, these two cars will wear some incredibly stylish British garb to give them the look and feel desired.

What will these new Bentley models include?

The two Huntsman Edition Bentley models bring unique interior style with embroidered Huntsman headrests and charcoal four-point star design elements. These models enjoy honeycomb cross stitching and special sill plates to give them a special look and style. As you might expect from a high-end automaker like Bentley, even the keys have been given some special styling elements. They include a key box that has been inlaid with tweed and stamped with the Huntsman logo to give them a consistent look.

What does the Bentayga Huntsman include?

Taking a look at what each of these special Bentley Huntsman Edition models offers specifically, we see some cool items in the Bentayga EWB Huntsman Edition model. This SUV has Burgundy metallic paint with bright chrome accents. You’ll see a set of 22-inch wheels that offer a bright machine finish. The Huntsman Edition badges appear in several locations on the vehicle.

Going inside, the vehicle blends Huntsman tweed with Damson and Portland leather, giving the cabin the ideal look found to go with some wonderful tweed accents that can be seen throughout the cabin. You’ll find this tweed look on the shifter, door pockets, storage areas, and grab handles. In other areas, you’ll see Piano Damson veneers, Huntsman embroidery, and Huntsman tweed micro-piping.

What do we find in the Continental GTC Speed Huntsman?

The Bentley Huntsman Edition of the Continental GTC Speed takes a different approach to this new styling system. The exterior is finished in gray satin with black accents. This car also rides on a set of 22-inch wheels, but this time they’re finished in black. You’ll also find black Huntsman badges on the front fenders of the Continental version.
The cabin area features a dark aesthetic look with Beluga and Porpoise leather contrasting with the Huntsman tweed. You’ll also find a Galaxy Stone dual finish veneer, giving the interior area a granite-like style which you will certainly admire.

How many of each model will be made?

In a similar fashion to many of the special edition models offered at the highest levels of the automotive world, the Bentley Huntsman Edition vehicles will be offered in only five examples. The five fortunate owners of each vehicle will have influence over many design and application aspects of these bespoke design elements.

In addition to the styling elements and customer influence with these vehicles, all buyers will receive Huntsman jackets that are the perfect complement to the vehicles. In order to give these shoppers the right jacket that’s fitted to them, customers will travel to the Savile Row store and choose the cloth and receive properly tailored measurements to ensure the jackets fit perfectly and are great for driving these specialized cars.

Old World Style meets modern driving qualities

These new special edition Bentley models are sure to grab the attention and money of a few well-heeled shoppers looking for something extremely special from the Bentley brand name. Whether it’s the Bentayga or Continental, the tweed fabric, specialized style, perfect badges, and amazing experience will give a few customers the exact high-end style desired with these incredible new models.

The rarity of these new Bentley models might mean we never get to see them, but it doesn’t keep us from admiring what each has to offer.

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