2023 Acura Integra: Luxury & Performance Unite in Style

When you want an excellent blend of luxury and performance, you drive the Acura Integra. This incredible performance sedan continues its tradition of excellence.

The latest Integra quickly reminds us of the classic Acura from the early 2000s. It brings a contemporary style and delivers the qualities found in the classic model that first arrived two decades ago. When an affordable luxury performance sedan is on the menu, this Acura brings a base price of a little more than $30,000 to ensure you have the quality drive you’re after.

Here are seven reasons to justify buying the 2023 Acura Integra.

1. A limited-slip differential makes driving better

Adding a limited-slip diff to an FWD car makes it much more engaging and fun to drive. Most might point to the manual transmission of the A-Spec version as the right choice for a great drive, but the standard Integra brings a limited-slip differential to the mix without requiring you to row the gears This feature adds more driving fun and a quality feel from behind the wheel to give you the performance you’re after.

2. You’ll find a luxurious cabin in this Acura

Higher trims bring better materials, but the base version of the Acura Integra delivers on the promise of being a luxury car as well. Of course, if you want to see the seats covered in faux leather with contrasting colors, you’ll move to a pricier version and enjoy the premium race-inspired feeling of the Integra at the A-Spec or higher trim levels. The luxury feeling isn’t without the desired tech. This impressive car brings you a 9-inch infotainment screen with easy connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

3. The engine sounds great

You might not expect a four-cylinder engine to sound great, but it does. The Integra shares an engine with the Honda Civic Si, giving it an excellent small engine with a big grunt that enables this car to bring the heat. When you pull up in this Acura, onlookers will be shocked at the glorious sounds coming out from under the hood; especially when they learn there’s a small 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine in the engine bay. The Integra continues to surprise and impress with great engine sounds.

4. A-Spec racing version is perfect for performance junkies

If you know how to row your own gears, the Acura Integra A-Spec is the right trim for you. This trim delivers the goods with an impressive 6-speed manual transmission, sport seats, a rear spoiler, the limited-slip differential, adaptive dampers, and plenty of fun from behind the wheel. Push the button and modify the suspension for a sportier drive that can take you hard and fast down the track. This is the Integra enthusiasts have been waiting for.

5. This car is excellent between the lines

The Integra isn’t the car for those looking for track-day fun every week, and it’s not the car that you look to for extreme sprint speed. This Acura sports sedan is excellent between the lines and can make driving on winding roads much more fun than most cars. When you want to drive a car that takes corners hard without taking itself too seriously, this is the luxury sports sedan you want to enjoy. Take this beauty out for a spin.

6. You can take passengers with you

The Acura Integra hasn’t been advertised as a family sedan or a car with excellent safety systems because those things are boring. Still, this incredible sports luxury sedan has the desired items with the AcuraWatch system. This system keeps everyone safe and comfortable with a full package of desired safety features, including road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation braking, lane-keeping assist, and pedestrian detection. This is a car that’s easy to love and drive, giving you the confidence of the advanced safety systems included.

7. The Integra has excellent fuel mileage for a sports car

The Integra’s standard powertrain includes a CVT, which maximizes fuel mileage returning 30 city/37 hwy mpg. This is an impressive level for a sports car and even better for one that doesn’t have a hybrid or PHEV powertrain. The manual transmission drops the fuel mileage numbers a bit, but those looking for a bit more fun will normally pay a little more for gas. Considering this Acura sports sedan tops out at $35,800, it can be considered a value-oriented luxury car.

It’s easy to fall in love with what the 2023 Acura Integra brings to the table; will you choose this luxury sports sedan?

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