When’s The Best Time to Buy a Car

Looking to upgrade your vehicle? A new vehicle is a big purchase, whether it’s new or used, and unless you’ve got extra money to burn, you’re probably looking for the best possible deal. The deal you get often depends on when you buy your car, so before you head to the used car lots near me for your next vehicle, take a look at the best time to buy a car.

The Months Matter

You are more likely to find deeper discounts on new cars if you shop for a car at the end of the year. October is a good month for discounts on new cars because it’s when all-new and redesigned vehicles arrive. This means they need to move out the old inventory. As a car buyer, you can benefit from this changeover if you want to stick with the previous model year. November and December are also good times for new cars. Did you know that Black Friday is not just for Christmas shopping? You can also find deals on new and used cars during this shopping frenzy.

If you’re shopping at used car lots near me, you’re better off going in January or February. The selection is often better because the trade-ins from all those new cars sold over the holidays make their way to the used car lot.

Holidays Mean Savings

Holidays often mean discounts on vehicles. Dealerships use holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, and Martin Luther King Jr Day as an opportunity to offer discounts. While weekends are usually a time you want to avoid at the dealership because they can be busy, long weekends such as President’s Day and Memorial Day are also some of the best times to find good deals on vehicles. If you have to choose a holiday weekend, Memorial Day is the best. It not only kicks off summer, it also kicks off summer car sales with incentives from automakers and dealers.

Shopping Days

Many car buyers head to dealerships on the weekends because they have the time off. If you can take a Monday or Tuesday off, you’ll have a better chance of getting a deal. Since it’s not as busy, your salesperson will have more time to spend with you and more time to negotiate.

Dealership quotas drive sales, and whether you’re shopping for new or used vehicles, the dealer and the sales team will have monthly quotas to meet. Shopping towards the end of the month when their quotas are ending can work to your benefit. They might be more open to negotiating a deal in your favor to help make the sale, so they meet their quota.

Plan Ahead

Are you the type of person that plans ahead before making any purchase? If not, you might want to rethink your strategy. Before you head to used car lots near me, think about what month, day, and time of year it is. Choosing the right time to buy can make a big difference in what you pay for your vehicle.


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