Porsche’s 60th Anniversary 911 S/T: A Nod to the Past, a Thrill for the Future

Porsche celebrates 60 years of the 911 with a new Porsche 911 S/T, which is the lightest model of this current generation. This car has what enthusiasts want.

Driving purists and enthusiasts alike will love the packaging and drive of the new 911 S/T. This 60th-Anniversary model is a special edition version meant to bring maximum driver engagement to any road or track. Like many special edition models, the 911 S/T is being offered as a limited-run model, with only 1,963 versions being made. This number, as expected, matches the first year of the Porsche 911, which entered the market 60 years ago.

High revving and proper Porsche driving

This new special version of the Porsche 911 utilizes the powerful high-revving engine from the 911 GT3 RS, which gives this new car a 4.0-liter boxer engine that delivers 518 horsepower to the wheels. This impressive power figure is enhanced by the use of an amazing manual transmission with a lightweight clutch that sends this power to the wheels. The new 911 S/T is the lightest model of this generation, which should allow the car to hit some incredible speeds. If you’ve been waiting for a pure driving experience in a Porsche 911, this could be it.

Is it a track car or road warrior?

Although the new Porsche 911 S/T utilizes the same engine as the track-ready GT3 RS, it’s not designed as a track-focused machine. The 911 S/T brings all the impressive handling goodies Porsche can throw at it, making it an incredible car to drive on winding country roads, across a canyon floor, or through the mountains. Porsche engineers have tuned this car to respond to every input and deliver the perfect level of performance and expertise on any road. This could be the perfect car for your next cross-country road trip.

Is there historical significance for this Porsche?

The name of the 60th-anniversary special edition 911 comes from the 1969 model and the car’s first generation. A special race version was called the 911 S, but inside the brand, it was called the 911 ST. These cars featured modifications to many areas, including the chassis, wheels, engine, and body, to improve the overall performance of the car. Missing from these early versions was large spoilers and other aerodynamic elements. The new 911 S/T brings this spirit forward from 1969 to 2023 by utilizing the 911 GT3 RS body with the Touring Package. The body of this new special edition car is enhanced with lightweight parts developed specifically for the anniversary model.

Carbon fiber lightens the load

The new Porsche 911 S/T is the lightest model of its generation. This car cannon claim this title without utilizing carbon fiber throughout the build. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is used in the hood, roof, front fenders, and doors, appearing in the inlets to give these parts a much lighter build. This special material is also found in the rear axle anti-roll bar and shear panel. Another area where weight is saved is in the wheels, which are made of magnesium, giving these wheels the strength required and a lightweight build.

Other areas where weight was saved in this new Porsche are:

  • Brakes – Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes
  • Starter – Lithium-ion starter battery
  • Front Glass- Made of lightweight material

Porsche also reduced insulation and deleted rear-axle steering from this special edition car. These weight-saving efforts reduced the weight of the 911 S/T by 70 pounds compared to the manual version of the 911 GT3 Touring.

An optional Heritage Design Package is available

The 60th Anniversary Edition wouldn’t be complete without something that signals the heritage of this glorious sports car. This package includes Shore Blue Metallic paint and Ceramica for the wheel finish. The doors receive numbers from 0-99 on a decorative foil, and the classic Porsche crest from the original 911 appears on the front, center wheel caps, steering wheel, headrests, and key.

This special package also features cloth seat centers in Classic Cognac with black pinstripes, two-tone aniline leather trim, a perforated roof liner finished in Dinamica, and other elements from classic Porsche 911 models of the past. If the Heritage Design Package is selected, the Porsche logo and 911 S/T model badges on the rear are finished in gold.

When will we see the Porsche 911 S/T?

This new special edition Porsche 911 makes its debut in the United States during the Rennsport Reunion 7, which takes place from September 28 to October 1. Deliveries should begin in Spring 2024 for those lucky few that will get to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Porsche 911 with this special model.

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