Available OTA Kia EV Route Planning Feature Helps Simplify Your Travels

If you own a Kia EV6 or Kia Niro model, it’s time to set up the available Kia EV Route Planning feature that has just been released.

Best of all, you don’t have to go to your local Kia dealer to get this update. This over-the-air (OTA) update promises to simplify your driving experience so that you can stay charged and steer clear of surprises on the road.

Kia’s new OTA update is easy to install, set up, and use. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this new software, what it has in store, and how it can benefit you on your next adventure.

Enabling the Kia EV Route Planning OTA Update

The Kia EV6 and Niro OTA update is pretty straightforward. Once you get into the vehicle, you’ll find a message that pops up saying that the new EV Route Planner update is available. You can navigate it right from your infotainment screen, without ever having to step foot into your local Kia dealer.

Once you click ‘install now,’ the system will turn off the screen and fire up the audio system update. From start to finish, the software download process takes no more than 15 minutes. From there you’ll have the option to install the update right away, install it once the vehicle has turned off, or at a later time. You also have a ‘details’ option that gives you more insight into the update. Opting to start the update immediately will also result in no more than a 15-minute wait time before you can use the software.

If you are stuck or have questions along the way, get in touch with your local Kia dealer and they can assist you with any issues you may be having.

Explore the Kia EV Route Planning OTA Update

Kia promises a number of updates with its new EV Route Planning function. Seeing as this OTA update is free, it’s well worth installing on the EV6 and Kia Niro models.

Kia’s EV Route Planning enhances its current satellite navigation system so that you can have greater control over your route planning, and be prepared for whatever stops you’d like to make along the way.

The new function will automatically detect charging stations that are along your route and can automatically add them as waypoints for an even more simplified experience. In addition to mapping out where a charging station is, the EV Route Planning function can detect your vehicle’s battery levels and determine whether it is enough to reach the charging station.

This new system uses an algorithm that considers the battery charge state, the live charging point of interest, current energy consumption, and available information like topography, traffic, and even weather conditions. In an effort to keep your trip as streamlined as possible, this new update can be especially helpful for those who could benefit from the extra planning capabilities this software brings.

Intuitively Designed for Easy Use

The new update also introduces new and improved icons and symbols so that you have a more user-friendly experience. There are also adjustments to the menu structures so that it’s more intuitive to navigate.

Other upgrades include an improved music discovery service called Soundhound. This neat tech can identify songs being played on the radio and download information like the artist and title from the server in order to display them on your main screen. To learn more about this tech or the upgrade, visit your local Kia dealer today.

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