Mitsubishi Charges Into the Motorcycle Scene Powering the LiveWire S2

Mitsubishi is getting into the motorcycle game. They’ve developed new power modules for electric motorcycles, helping push this market into the future.

While none of the motorcycles on the road wear the Mitsubishi badge exclusively, this brand partners with LiveWire EV to help power some new two-wheel transports that can be a lot of fun for rides to take out on the road. Mitsubishi’s Semiconductor and Device Division appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, sharing a booth with LiveWire. The collaboration brings the S2 product line to the market and gives us some new and fast electric motorcycles.

The first motorcycles with Mitsubishi power

LiveWire brings the S2 Del Mar and S2 Del Mar LE motorcycles, which bring the benefits of the new Mitsubishi power systems to the market. This electric advantage and technology give these bikes the desired power and create a new system for LiveWire.

The LiveWire division is part of Harley-Davidson as its EV bike brand. The S2 is a naked streetfighter made for compact performance with incredible speed. This new S2 series is the first new product since the LiveWire ONE. This new bike is meant to be impressive and powerful while using Mitsubishi-developed electric power to get it going.

A quieter ride, something to get used to

Those riders who have never been on an electric motorcycle will need to get used to the new LiveWire S2 models and the electric power. This is part of how Mitsubishi is entering the motorcycle world, making a positive connection with the world of riding. These bikes offer impressive experiences free of heat, vibration, and noise.

The ride is different, but in many ways better, but there’s also the cost associated with fuel. While most motorcycles don’t require much fuel to provide many miles of riding pleasure, removing the cost and concern of fuel makes a huge difference for some rides. Of course, it also helps that electric vehicles require less maintenance and repair services because they have fewer moving parts than gas-powered bikes.

What are the Mitsubishi parts of these motorcycles?

Mitsubishi developed the J1 series power semiconductor modules to power these LiveWire S2 bikes. These modules are compact, lightweight, and power-dense, which is exactly what’s needed in a small bike.

The S2 Del Mar delivers 84 horsepower and 194 lb-ft of torque, making it quick and fun to drive. The 0-60 mph time for this new motorcycle is close to three seconds, which makes riding these electric motorcycles extremely fun.

Recharging the S2 Del Mar takes 78 minutes using a Level 2 charger. This gives the motorcycle a city driving range of 113 miles on a full charge. While this doesn’t sound like much compared to four-wheeled EVs, it’s probably enough for a fun ride in the city or out in the country.

Lots of names associated with the S2

This new electric motorcycle features an adjustable Showa suspension and Brembo brakes to give us a couple of the names associated with this bike. If you’re looking for a small, fun, and active motorcycle for city commutes, it could be the right choice.

The S2 Del Mar features four pre-programmed performance curves with an additional curve for customers to program and customize. This means you can set this bike up with your desired responses for throttle, power, and performance. Toss in the electric system from Mitsubishi, and you’ve got a motorcycle that can be fun and right for you.

A look you’ll love or hate

When you see the naked-sport look of the LiveWire S2 lineup, you’ll either love it or hate it. For shoppers looking for a Harley-Davidson with an electric drivetrain, this motorcycle series will disappoint you. On the other hand, the sport bike look makes the S2 fun and active, which might be exactly what you want when you take it out for a ride.

Pros and cons of this LiveWire motorcycle

With Mitsubishi power, this LiveWire motorcycle can take you to a top speed of 103 mph. It’s good to know that you can take this bike out on the highway and enjoy cruising. The pros and cons of this new S2 Del Mar are:


  • Incredible acceleration
  • Suburb handling characteristics
  • Optional sort charge time with Level 2 charger


  • Too light to use the torque
  • Range is pathetic
  • Not priced for beginner riders

For riders looking for an electric motorcycle to enjoy around town, the new LiveWire S2 Del Mar could be a great choice. Using Mitsubishi power, this motorcycle is made to be a lot of fun but not to be taken too seriously.

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