Fussy Babies Making Driving Difficult?

Not all babies love car rides, making life challenging for parents. Soon, there may be a solution for Nissan Sentra drivers and other fans of the brand.

Nissan Has a Solution

Only parents will fully understand the importance of Nissan’s new product. The Iruyo is a specialty-designed doll that is still in development. When it comes out, it could be a game-changer for Nissan Sentra drivers and many others.’

What It Is

The Iruyo is a doll designed to give parents peace while they’re on the road, even while traveling alone with infants and small children. To that end, the Iruyo can comfort fussy babies and give parents an easier way to check on their infants while driving.

The fuzzy doll is a plushie with a strong resemblance to the red-haired monster in Bugs Bunny cartoons. The full-scale Iruyo also has a much smaller, matching doll, the Baby Iruyo.

Nissan has already developed multiple variations of the Iruyo doll. Some have white fur, while others have pink. Parents can also choose from a plain Iruyo, one with glasses, or one in a beanie.

This all sounds quite cute, but it’s more than just a fun toy for babies that helps them stay occupied on the road. The Iruyo lets parents interact with their children without turning around and taking their eyes off the road.

How It Works

The word “Iruyo” is Japanese for “I’m here.” It’s an appropriate name for the doll, designed to act like an “Intelligent Puppet.”

Parents keep the Baby Iruyo doll in the front seat of their Nissan Sentra or other family car, where it acts like a microphone. The Baby Iruyo picks up the driver’s words and transmits them to the full-sized doll riding in the back. The doll then moves in time with the parent’s voice.

The big Iruyo can wave, dance, and even play peek-a-boo. The doll also features a camera and facial recognition software that detects signs that babies have fallen asleep. When babies close their eyes, the Baby Iruyo in the front seat does the same.

Is It Effective?

The big question is, does the Iruyo help?

According to Nissan, it does. The company is still developing and testing the toy, but so far, the data looks good. Around 90% of babies in the automaker’s study responded to the Iruyo’s movements, and over half had an improved emotional state.

Of course, it helps parent drivers’ emotional states, as well. With the Iruyo doll in place, it’s easy to soothe babies and see what they’re up to even when they are still small enough to ride in rear-facing car seats.

Given Nissan’s emphasis on safety and comfort, it makes sense that the automaker has developed the Iruyo. Parents can focus on driving without having to reach into the back seat or outfit their cars with a dozen mirrors to keep track of what infants are up to.

Trials of this experimental product are still underway in Japan, where Nissan is taking customer feedback. There’s no reason to think it won’t be available for every Nissan Sentra, Altima, and Maxima sometime soon.


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